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Research Results Involving Sinofert won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress

Date:2021-11-22     source:SINOFERT

The research results of "Key Technology for Efficient Utilization of Nutrient Resources on Major Grain Crops" carried out by the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has won the Second Prize of 2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award" presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China. The research was completed with the participation of Feng Mingwei, Executive Director of Sinofert Holdings Limited. (Certificate No. 2020-J-251-2-06-D01, dated September 23, 2021; Participant Certificate No. 2020-J-251-2-06-D01-R16, dated November 17, 2021). The research results help to build a solid foundation for Chinese agriculture to achieve scientific fertilization & increase yield and efficiency while reducing fertilizer and pesticide consumption. They also contribute to Sinofert’s strategy of science priority and sustainable development.

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